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Themes for CI/CD Release Pipeline

Themes for CI/CD Pipeline

  1. Continuous Integration(CI) – Build, Test, Package code
  2. Continuous Delivery(CDL) – Take the code to Staging (potentially deliverable)
  3. Continuous Deployment(CD) – Deploy to Production. Make it Live
  4. Continuous Monitoring(CM) – Monitor, Measure, Feedback and Notification on the CI/CD workflow
  5. Continuous Security(CS) – DevSecOps vision – Automate security on release pipeline.
  6. Continuous Testing(CT) –  Risk-based, Broad, seamlessly integrated into the software delivery pipeline 


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Author: Tribhuwan

I am Tribhuwan Negi. I have been a technology evangelist and enthusiast having wide areas of interest in the field of software development and engineering. I have experience in architecting and designing enterprises applications, integration and middle-ware application solutions. I have worked on computational data grids(fabrics), distributed caching, data retrieval systems, complex event processing engines. I have also worked with CADCAM, process engineering and robotic simulations. I have lead teams on complete SDLC cycle. I have worked with start-ups and practiced agile software development. I work on different roles of developer, tech lead, engineering manager, software architect and scrum master. I have Bachelor and Masters Degree in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bombay.

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