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Creative Thinking Introduction article

Organized study of Creativity is necessary for simple and complex problem solving.
It is important that these creative skills are improved and practiced.

We all are Creative. It is a inherent quality which evolution of human beings and every advancements on earth provides. It is difficult to realize and acknowledge these skills though. Individuals should acknowledge the reality, that like any other skills creativity of a person can be improved.

I have been doing some study on Critical problem solving, Creative thinking and Logical reasoning. I will blog about my findings, research and practical experiences on this subject.

 I am an software developer and have my limitations in framing  imaginative, impacting quotes to sell ideas. I will keep it simple, practical and understandable for other folks like me.

Very good introduction to Creative Thinking from Robert Harris.

Summary of the article:

Robert Harris  discusses the following:

1) What is Creative thinking?
 – An ability, an attitude and a process for imagine or invent something new, accept change and newness and improve ideas and solutions.

2) Creative Methods – Evolution, Synthesis, Revolution and Reapplication and methods though which creative results can be produced.

3) Negative Attitudes that Block Creativity and Positive Attitudes Creating Creativity

4) Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

5) Myths about Creative Thinking and Problem Solving