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Agile Project Management – Can developers become good managers?

This is with response to the following discussion  in – Are Project Managers the Problem?

Traditional project management has no place in agile software development. Agile Project managers have different role to play. They will have to unlearn lot of mental models developed from years of old style management, before creating their place in agile teams.
“Command and Control” style of management need to go and agile principles of self-organizing, independent and emergent teams need to be learned.
I do not agree to the statement that developers will always make poor managers. Developers can be great managers if they recognize the fact the team and project management is a different skill set altogether like another technical skills they have developed and it has to be learned with theory and practice.
Agile literature has lot to offer in this field. If the developers\Scrum masters are driven by agile principles, they are already prepared to do good management. Also, the fact that they have grown solving the agile software development problem, has already prepared them to do good people and project management. Need is to learn and practice the Art and Science of Agile Software development.