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10 Tips on how to think like a designer

Presentationzen article on Design thinking.
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10 Tips on how Designers think:
(1) Embrace constraints.
(2) Practice restraint.
(3) Adopt the beginner’s mind.
(4) Check your ego at the door.
(5) Focus on the experience of the design.
(6) Become a master storyteller.
(7) Think communication not decoration.
(8) Obsess about ideas not tools.
(9) Clarify your intention.
(10) Sharpen your vision & curiosity and learn from the lessons around you.
(11) Learn all the “rules” and know when and why to break them.

Design Thinking – Drive continuous innovation in Agile teams

Design Thinking Introduction – Approach for driving Innovations in Agile teams?

What is Design thinking?

The term refers to a set of principles, from mindset to process,  practices and approches that can be applied to solve complex problems. It’s a structured approach to generating and developing ideas for continuous innovation.

Article from Tim Brown on Design Thinking

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Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation by Tim Brown (Hardcover – Sep 29, 2009)

Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Toolkit for Managers 

Design Thinking: Understanding How Designers Think and Work