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Themes for CI/CD Release Pipeline

Themes for CI/CD Pipeline

  1. Continuous Integration(CI) – Build, Test, Package code
  2. Continuous Delivery(CDL) – Take the code to Staging (potentially deliverable)
  3. Continuous Deployment(CD) – Deploy to Production. Make it Live
  4. Continuous Monitoring(CM) – Monitor, Measure, Feedback and Notification on the CI/CD workflow
  5. Continuous Security(CS) – DevSecOps vision – Automate security on release pipeline.
  6. Continuous Testing(CT) –  Risk-based, Broad, seamlessly integrated into the software delivery pipeline 


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Crafted for excellence – Journey of a software craftsman

Are you a developer hiding your code or hiding behind code?
As a developer, are you passionate about what you write?
Do you believe that coding is a craft which gives you an identity and defines your attitude?
Do you write code that works now, or code that is build to last?
Do you understand the complexity of  the art-of-coding and path to simplicity?

Are you an excellent craftsman at work?


Attending ‘International Conference on Agile and Lean Software Methods’

I am travelling to Bangalore tomorrow for ‘International Conference on Agile and Lean Software Methods. Hope to have great time there. Conference is full of important speakers – Craig Larman, Mary Poppendieck, Rebecca Parsons, David Hussman, Fred George, Jeff Patton, Jez Humble, Linda Rising, Neal Ford, Venkat Subramaniam.
Looking forward for a great time in Bangalore!

New Blog on Application Intelligence – Machine Learning and AI

I have a started a new blog at the following location  –

Through this blog on applied Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), I will be publishing my thoughts, articles, discussions, news items, research and learning on the subject. I am student and self learning researcher on the subject. Applications are getting intelligent and ML and AI with data mining and Information retrieval techniques have come out of the theory books and finding attention among architects of enterprise applications. I believe that soon Application intelligence will be a very common system concern for architects to build in their application architecture.Post Options